A new app that can help document and share evidence of abuse

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Dear Supporter,

The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) is launching DocuSAFE, a free mobile application created by our Safety Net team to help individuals document the abuse, harassment, and stalking they are experiencing. We are grateful for funding from the Office on Victims of Crime to create such a meaningful and important resource for survivors.

Today, survivors may experience a range of different forms of abuse, many of which involve everyday technologies. This may include online harassment, spoofing of caller ID, posting false or personal information online, or unauthorized access to financial accounts, and other behaviors. While some use technologies as a tactic to harm, harass, and intimidate, we can harness technology to increase privacy and safety and to hold offenders accountable. We know that no single tool will meet every survivor’s needs, however, multiple resources used together can assist survivors in safety planning and documenting abuse. DocuSAFE was created with safety, privacy, and accountability in mind.

Using the DocuSAFE app, survivors can log individual incidents of abuse through photos, screenshots, or video documentation of threatening messages, harassing social media posts, unwanted repeated phone calls, or online impersonation, and other abusive behaviors. Survivors can use this documentation to identify patterns in abusive behaviors to help with safety planning, or to share when seeking legal assistance.

We encourage users to read our Considerations for Survivors before downloading DocuSAFE to determine if the app is the right tool for them. For example, if someone suspects that their device is being monitored, either physically or remotely, they should not download this app. DocuSafe also includes information on how to use the app to prepare for court, how the evidence collected is stored, and how to securely share evidence using the app.

Read: “DocuSAFE Documentation & Evidence Collection App: Considerations for Survivors” and "DocuSAFE Documentation & Evidence Collection App: Information for Professionals."

Download: DocuSAFE App in the App Store or on Google Play.

Learn more: TechSafey.org/DocuSAFE.

We hope survivors are able to use this new tool as one part of their safety planning process, as it can help survivors collect, store, and share evidence should they choose to do so. Through education and advocacy, we will continue to work toward creating solutions to help protect survivors. 

For Peace and Safety,

Deborah J. Vagins
NNEDV President and CEO



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